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Promoting current and future medical care and research in Neuro-Urology

The International Neuro-Urology Society is a charitable, non-profit organisation with the following aims:

  • Raise awareness for neuro-urology and to increase its visibility world wide
  • Improve evidence based knowledge in the field of neuro-urology
  • Improve medical care for patients with neuro-urological problems world wide
  • Promote collaborative research projects in the field of neuro-urology
  • Promote networking, interaction, and knowledgetransfer among health care professionals dealing with neuro-urology world wide
  • Promote and support the next generation of health care professional dealing with neuro-urology to create sustainability in the field
The society is registered in Switzerland and consists of the following executive bodies:

The INUS board


The INUS oversight committee


The INUS general assembly