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INUS Course in Jekaterinburg (Russia)

Jekaterinburg (Russia)

INUS Course in Jekaterinburg (Russia) – INUS speakers: Helmut Madersbacher, Ulrich Mehnert


INUS Course Report - Yekaterinburg, April 26th 2019

This course was organized by Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ekaterina Philippova from the Ural State Medical University Department of Urology. Yekaterinburg, the fourth largest city in Russia in regards to inhabitants (1.4 Mill.), is situated on the East side of the Ural, which marks the border between Asia and Europe.

Due to perfect pre-course activities, 122 persons participated in this course, mostly urologists but also 21 neurologists were amongst the audience.

After a welcome by the director of the hospital, Prof. Trofimov and by Prof. Madersbacher, President of INUS, in the following twelve lectures on different topics (see attached programme) were delivered. Two lecturers represented INUS: Helmut Madersbacher (Innsbruck) and Ulrich Mehnert (Zürich). We very much appreciated that the faculty comprised also a number of distinguished Russian speakers. The interactive character of this course was reflected by a vivid discussion.

We also appreciate it very much that the Director of the Department Prof. Zyryanov, although primarily being an oncologist, attended the whole meeting and also participated actively in the lecture programme, many thanks.

The venue in the hospital as well as the equipment was excellent  also the two interpreters did a very good job. Moreover, a very comprehensive exhibition was presented.

After the official programme the participants had the opportunity for a get-together in a very familiar atmosphere, framed by accordion music of a blind artist, as well as by drinks and food.

In the name of INUS and as its current president I would like to thank Prof. Ekaterina Philippova for all the work she did to make this INUS course a successful one, congratulations!



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