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Paper of the Month

Every month we present a relevant and interesting paper commented by one of our Board Members.

November 2019: Comments by Limin Liao on

Differences between water‐filled and air‐charged urodynamic catheters for determining the urethral pressure profile
in neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunctionpatients

October 2019: Comments by  Ervin Kocjancic on

Biomarkers Imlpicated in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: systematic review and Pathways Analyses

September 2019: Comments by Bertil Blok on 

Variation among subspecialists in the diagnosis of urinary tract infection in children with neurogenic bladders

August 2019: Comments by Howard Goldman on

Do appreciable changes in the upper extremity motor capability to perform clean intermittent catheterization come about with time after traumatic spinal cord injury?

July 2019: Comments by Marcio Averbeck on

Anticholinergic Drug Exposure and the Risk of Dementia



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