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INUS Annual Congress 2020

23.01.2020 - 25.01.2020
Marmara Taksim Hotel, Istanbul

The theme of the congress is:
Neuro-Urology in practice: Advances & Challenges



The Scientific Board of INUS welcomes the submission of original research and clinical abstracts for presentation at the annual meeting in a special poster session.

Abstracts may be submitted from July 1, 2019 until November 15, 2019 to INUS via email:

Submission instructions:

The subject line must say: Abstract Submission.

Abstracts are to to submitted as a word file.

  • The first line should be the title.
  • The second line should be the authors.
  • The third line should be the relevant affiliations of the authors.
  • The fourth line should specify whether it is being submitted to the Clinical or Basic science section.

The remainder of the page should have the body of the abstract. Total word count is 350, and the abstract must contain the following headings: introduction, methods, results, conclusion. Abstracts must be submitted in English by the deadline to be considered for presentation at the INUS congress.


The winners of this year´s competition will be  awarded in Istanbul at the INUS Annual Congress 2020. Click here for details.


Turkish Airlines is the official airline of INUS Annual Congress 2020” and special discounts are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website and use the event code 009TKH20 under delegate section.



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