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Urodynamics Under The Lens

"Urodynamics under the lens" is a video series produced and published by the International Continence Society (ICS). This series features insights from experts in the field of functional urology, shedding light on the role, benefits, and proper utilization of urodynamics. With conflicting viewpoints on this topic in recent literature, these videos aim to dispel misconceptions and promote thoughtful consideration.

In addition to addressing the general value of urodynamics, future videos will delve into specialized discussions regarding its application in various settings, explore quality assurance in urodynamic practice, and offer patient-friendly explanations. It's important to note that the production of these videos has been funded by Laborie, and the views expressed within are those of the featured experts, not necessarily representative of the ICS or Laborie. Detailed disclosures are available in each expert's ICS profile.

INUS has been in close collaboration with the ICS and also Laborie. Various INUS members have contributed as experts to this video series, therefore we would like to draw your attention to this format.



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