Who is INUS?

The International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS) is an international medical and scientific non-profit organization based in Bern (Switzerland). It was founded in August 2015 by 62 experts in neuro-urology from all around the world, who came together on the occasion of the 4th International Neuro-Urology Meeting in Zurich.

What are the the aims of INUS?

INUS aims to raise awareness for Neuro-Urology and to increase its visibility in order to provide the best possible care for neuro-urological patients worldwide. This can be achieved by education, research and by founding regional chapters in all major countries.

What is special about INUS?

INUS is the only society, which focuses only on Neuro-Urology. Therefore we are no competitor to other societies, but we regard INUS as complementary to other societies in the urological world. Therefore we work in close collaboration with various other urological societies and plan to increase cooperation with further societies worldwide.

What offers INUS?

INUS offers professional networking possibilities and education for neuro-urologists around the globe. INUS supports its members in providing excellent medical care for patients suffering from neuro-urological disorders and in advancing research in neuro-urology

We welcome as members all persons – doctors, researchers, nurses, physiotherapists, health care specialists etc. – who are involved in neuro-urological care or neuro-urological research. If you are interested in Neuro-Urology, join us and become a member of INUS.

Who are the PErsons behind INUS?

Find out more about the persons behind INUS below.

INUS Board

INUS Oversight Committee

INUS General Assembly

Regional Chapters

Want to know more?

If you have further questions or need assistance regarding INUS and its various activities, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Irina Anich at the INUS office (


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