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The International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS) is interested in increasing awareness on neuro-urology worldwide. One of the current initiatives is the "INUS regional chapter", which is being considered for every country with more than 10 INUS members.

The INUS regional chapter should be led by an active INUS member, who must be willing to foster educational activities in his/her country. The INUS Chapter Lead should:

1. Comply with INUS regulations

2. Actively promote INUS activities in his/her country

3. Share information on the benefits of INUS membership

4. Develop INUS educational courses, which should all be submitted (and approved) by the INUS educational officer.

Whenever possible, the INUS Chapter Lead should work in partnership with other local societies to establish partnerships, promoting continuous medical education initiatives not only as add-on to national congress and also as smaller courses and/or workshops in target areas (countryside?) where neuro-urology is often neglected. Educational courses organized by regional chapters should especially focus on residents to induce an interest in neuro-urology and to provide them basic knowledge.

Please note that our current policy provides free registration to all active health care professionals under 35 years of age. Thus, it is a great opportunity for younger colleagues to join our society.

Please let us know whether you have interest in founding an INUS Regional Chapter in your country. In case you agree, your proposal will be submitted to the INUS Board for approval.

All applications should be sent to the INUS Secretary, Prof. Marcio Averbeck, to the following email address:

So far these regional chapters have been founded:


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