INUS Course at the UROCON 2019 in Pokhara (Nepal)

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INUS Course at the UROCON 2019 in Pokhara (Nepal)

21.02.2019 - 23.02.2019
Pokhara, Nepal

INUS Course at the UROCON 2019 in Pokhara (Nepal) – supported speakers by INUS: Helmut Madersbacher, Pawan Vasudeva, in addition: INUS lecture by Helmut Madersbacher


INUS Course and INUS Lecture during the 5th Annual Conference of the Nepal Association of Urological Surgeons (NAUS) in Pokhara between 21.-23.02.2019 - UROCON

Nepal is a country with about 27 million people; there are currently about 120 certified urologists, therefore one can assume that much of the urological work is still done by surgeons. About 100 urologists attended the conference. It was held in the Pokhara Grande Hotel and comprised also an interesting and comprehensive exhibition. The scientific focus of UROCON 2019 was “Female Urology – Future Perspectives”.

The INUS lecture of Prof. Madersbacher on “Female Bladder Outlet Obstruction” was the first lecture of the scientific program on Friday February 22nd. The lecture was well accepted and discussed.

On Saturday February 23rd the participants had the choice between two sessions, one of them was the INUS course. The program of this course is attached. The course was well attended by 50, mostly younger participants. Due to the fact that Jorge sent the feedback forms (this term sounds better than “evaluation forms”) well ahead of the congress to Prof. Vasudeva, who then sent them to the congress organizer, this time these forms were ready and could be distributed at the beginning to all participants. At the end 27 completely filled in feedback forms were given to INUS. The results were evaluated by Prof. Vasudeva and are attached.

INUS was represented in this course by Prof. Madersbacher (Innsbruck) and Prof. Pawan Vasudeva (New Delhi). Furthermore Prof.  Nitin Kekre (Vellore) participated as third lecturer. In the beginning, Prof. Madersbacher presented INUS by showing the promotion video. At the end of the course all participants received a USB stick containing the first two videos of our series “Neuro-Urology in Daily Practice” with “Part 1: History Taking” and “Part 2: Clinical Examination”.

In a separate meeting the authorities of NAUS showed great interest in having an urodynamic course in due time as there is an increasing interest in this topic and the major centres in the country have urodynamic equipment. We agreed to stay in contact with them for further collaboration.

We also appreciated the generous hospitality, which was offered by NAUS to the INUS speakers.


Prof. Madersbacher



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