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Special discounts are provided for the following persons:

  • Junior Members: Members under the age of 36 years can get a free INUS subscription for a whole year. You can renew every 12 months as long as you are eligible. To apply  for the junior discount, confirm your birthday send by sending a copy of your personal ID to the INUS Office. Please note that junior members do not have active or passive voting rights.
  • Nurses and Physiotherapists: Nurses and physiotherapists get 50% off. To apply for the discount, confirm your occupation status by sending an e-mail to the INUS Office.
  • Persons from low-income countries: Low-income country members get 50% off. This reduction is applied automatically when choosing a low-income country.

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We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards. If you have any issues concerning online payment or there is no credit card payment available in your country please contact our office at for information on other ways of payment.


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